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Yes, I want to know retailers' plans to optimize the store experience for their shoppers.

Since early 2020 when eCommerce spiked, customers have gradually returned to physical stores; however, the return to normalcy has proved anything but normal. New experiences with digital shopping and eCommerce now inform customer expectations of in-store shopping, where they now expect personalized experiences and live data on their desired products, such as product reviews and comparisons. 


Download Connectivity, Community and Collaboration: Inside the new era of store design to find out how retailers will adapt.

Inside the Benchmark Study:

    • 5 key trends in store design
    • How did retailers’ store design budget change in 2021?
    • Estimated store remodels, and which areas will be redesigned?
    • What new store types will be opened in 2022 and 2023? Pop ups? Dark stores/fulfillment centers? Experiential concepts, such as content studios and activations?
    • [Article within the report] "Meeting Demands of the New Customer Experience: Three Key Points to Consider" by Kelly Amaroso, VP, Customer Engagement & Product Marketing at Scala